10 crazy Japanese inventions

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Japanese inventions to say the least unusual, even completely crazy! Would you like try some?

We know that in Japan you can find anything and everything. All possible and imaginable inventions can be discovered. We have selected 10 completely crazy ones, I’ll let you discover them right away.

The Subway Chin Rest

Here is a very useful accessory after a hard day’s work!

Baby mop outfit

To make profitable his offspring still assisted…

The “Face Slimmer”, to work the muscles and skin of the face

The Japanese are very keen on hygiene and facial muscles, which are worked like any other!

Umbrella 2.0

No risk of getting messed up or getting wet with this transparent umbrella that fully protects!

Water collector umbrella

Nothing goes to waste in Japan!

Mobile toilet paper

Or rather, the removable scrolling handkerchief! However, we do not guarantee that you will escape the ridiculous…

The “Cup Men” (for noodles or pasta in less than 4 minutes)

The figurine softens over the minutes and eventually falls off when the pasta is cooked. Not a stupid idea, but we can also do without…

The hearing amplifier

How to become deaf in a short time…

The disposable 360 ​​° camera

A bit far-fetched, this electronic headset…

The “Leg Pillow”, the pillow for desperate singles

And desperate…

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