10 products that cardiologists would never recommend

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Such food should not be in your fridge!

For the heart to always remain healthy, it is important not only to follow a diet and adhere to a healthy lifestyle in general. It is also necessary to delete from its life that which can harm it, writes TeleMundo.

Some of the products that many of us periodically “indulge in” include such hazards. And let them completely reject them fail, you need to at least minimize their use.

Here are the most dangerous and insidious of them:

1. French fries.

100 grams of potatoes contain about 8 grams of trans fat. These are substances of non-natural origin, which are formed mainly during the production of margarine and the repeated heating of vegetable oil.

Trans fat increase cholesterol levels in the blood, therefore increasing the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system.

2. Red and processed meats.

raw beef steak

Steak, minced meat and bacon in large quantities are harmful to the heart. The amino acid contained in red meat carnitine is absorbed by the bacteria of the digestive system.

This triggers a whole chain of reactions, resulting in increased cholesterol levels and an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases.

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