10 warmest places around the world

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The heat wave arrives in Europe, and it is hot, but not the warmest places in the all world. Since not all of us are lucky in the Nordic countries, let’s put the summer heat wave in perspective by telling ourselves that in other parts of the world, it’s much worse. But above all, these 10 places are magnificent!

Dasht-e Kavir, Iran, 50 ° C

In the center of the Dasht-e Kavir Desert in Iran is the Great Kavir. Its western part is protected and features impressive mosaic-shaped salt patches.

Flaming Mountains, China, 66.8 ° C

Small massif 500 meters above sea level, but great temperature! The measurement should be taken with a grain of salt, as it was not carried out on the ground, but thanks to NASA tools. For the record, the famous Monkey King from the novel Les Peregrinations to the West (the one who inspired San Goku) would have caused a fall of embers instead of the Flaming Mountains. A Princess would then have calmed the flames with a large fan made of banana leaves. The people, grateful, worshiped her like a goddess. No more fire, but one of the hottest places in the world!

Kebili, Tunisia, 55 ° C

55 ° C! This is the African record set in 1931 and held by the small town of Kebili. Yet the city is renowned for being a refreshing oasis in the desert and not one of the hottest places on the planet…

Badlands, Australia, 69 ° C

Hot spots in the world, the Badlands in Australia occupy the top of the rankings. As for the Flaming Mountains, the temperature was estimated using NASA devices. Australia had to add a new color to its color chart to showcase the hottest corners on the country’s temperature maps. With such thermometers, we understand better why…

Tombouctou, Mali 54°C

The city of “333 Saints” is also nicknamed the Pearl of the Desert. Difficult to disagree with the qualifier given the images. We could even say “The Burning Lost of the Desert”…

El Azizia, Libya, 56 ° C

Since 1922, the city has held the record for the hottest place in the world with a mercury of 57.8 ° C. But in 2012, a study tempers the measure of the time. Due to multiple factors, it would have been overestimated by 7 ° C in the nearby desert, according to experts. The 56 ° C has been recorded in the city since, which is still enough to cook an egg on a hot body!

Death Valley

Already featured in our list of the hottest places in the world in 2016, Death Valley is a legendary national park in the United States. It is located in the Mojave Desert, one of the driest in the world. Since the invalidation of El Azizia’s record, the place has held it with a terrestrial recording of 56.7 ° C in 1913. But given the age of the devices, doubts remain.

Dallol, Ethiopia, 49 ° C

In Afar, a language spoken in Ethiopia, the Dallol volcano means “decomposed”. You can understand why knowing that there are hot springs of acid and geysers of dangerous gas! It almost feels like on another planet. Another world where it is very, very hot…

Rub al-Khali, Arabian Peninsula, 51 ° C

In the south of the Arabian Peninsula, the Rub al-Khali is one of the largest and warmest places in the world and also the most typical of the Thousand and One Nights. There are dunes of over 300 meters that the wind moves in a few hours. It is estimated that the temperature can reach over 60 ° C, truly one of the hottest places in the world!

Siberia, Northeastern Russia, 38 ° C

The most disturbing “performance” and probably the most sobering. The city of Verkhoyansk, above the Arctic Circle, recorded a record 38 ° C in June 2020. Due to the high temperatures, fires are raging in the region, releasing large amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere. What to help the planet to establish in other places in the world, a new record…

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