11 illustrations that criticise the misuse of the smartphone

Although the “smart” phone is a small technological revolution, the misuse of the smartphone are easy… 4 min

Although the “smart” phone is a small technological revolution, the misuse of the smartphone are easy… The illustrations in this list prove it.

Marco Melgrati is a young Mexican illustrator, who sketches the modern world with a derision behind which seems to hide a nostalgic despair… Here are some of his beautifully executed sketches, which demonstrate the excesses of current technology.

The new alphabet

These little animated heads obtained with a few characters would instantly reproduce your emotions and your state of mind while allowing you to qualify your remarks and temper your point of view… It is certain that between swinging two punctuation marks and expressing the bottom of his thought, the choice is quickly made. The death of the alphabet?

Selfie until death

The selfie never ceases to gain followers. Did you know that there are some very specific selfies with surprising terminology? Welfie, belfie, or helfie, a whole host of new terms appear in the computer jargon of the most narcissistic geeks! Soon in the dictionary, too?

When smartphone reflects personality

Who has the best facebook profile?

When Facebook buries your privacy

Big Brother is watching you. Facebook is able to show you what you did five years ago, to the day, who you did it with, where and at what time, with photos to back it up. Creepy isn’t it? You still wanted it.

We have never felt so alone

The mobile phone is however an industrial revolution, ultimate object of communication. But sometimes communication stops at the borders of your smartphone…

The lure of popularity

Unhealthy anguish for some social network addicts after their Facebook posts. Or who will have the most “Like” on his last publication… There is a disease to qualify all this: the F.A.D (Facebook Addiction Disorder).

The lovers 2.0

Lovers have never been so connected. And not in a good way… At dinner, at lunch, in front of the TV or at the movies, the smartphone seems to take a full place in the relationship of couple. Is that previously insignificant little object starting to occupy your bedroom?

Sad smartphone addiction

In 2011, the website of an American casino published a study showing that Facebook would provide the same addiction as that of gambling… If the blue giant is at the origin of the emergence of social networks, it is not not the only one responsible. Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and other platforms are also targeted.

Texting can kill

How many times have we missed being pushed around by an incorrigible “text writer”, staring at his coveted screen? Strumming can kill. You just have to continue your virtual conversation before crossing…

It’s time to disconnect

Finally, while new technology is an incredible invention that brings with it its share of positives, it can also be a dangerous addiction, as misuse of the smartphone. A power cut is imposed, and quickly.

Narcissism at its peak

Treated selfies, Photoshopped shots or images smoothed by instant filters, your appearance takes precedence over the rest and makes you no longer recognize yourself. What were you like before?

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