15 McDonald’s recipes that will amaze you!

There will be something for all (bad?) Tastes! Here is a list of more or less appetizing McDonald's recipes, which come out of the age-old Big Mac.3 min

You may not know it, but the McDonald’s fast food chain does not have the same recipes in all of its brands. The menus are completely different from one country to another.

Indeed, the fast food giant wants to please everyone and therefore adapts its products according to local preferences. Discover without further delay 15 McDonald’s recipes that you will not be able to savor in France! For the best ?

1- McPrawn and its prawns in Russia

Perfect to satisfy a craving for seafood! On the other hand, we dare not imagine their provenance …

2- Le Nürn Burger et ses saucisses en Allemagne

The fast-food giant is perfectly suited to its (future) customers.

3- Cheese sticks in England

I arrive !

4- Piazzoroto in Italy

A local specialty, for sure.

5- McIberica in Spain

Iberian ham, Manchego, olive oil, salad, tomato, and all that in a golden baguette? What could be better ?

6- Le McPanner en Inde

It is a promise: this sandwich will satisfy all your senses!

7- McArabia in the Middle East

Frequently consumed in Southeast Europe and the Middle East, McDonald’s pita bread was only a no-brainer.

8- McFloat and its tortillas fries in the Philippines

McFloat, one of the bestsellers in the Philippines!

9- Fried chicken and spaghetti in the Philippines

(Even) more complete meals are available in the Philippines.

10- Shaka Shaka Chicken in Japan

When you shake something, it makes noise. Exact ? Well “Shaka Shaka” designates the same noise. In Japan, taste and spice up the fried chicken for yourself.

11- The Marshmallow McFlurry in Australia

Will this photo make you want?

12- The KiwiBurger in New Zealand

Eat five fruits and vegetables a day? At the same time, does it work?

13- The Taro Slipper in Chile

In Chile, you start your day with a taro and not an apple turnover!

14- The Oreo cornet in Mexico

There are some who are lucky!

15- McPatatas still in Mexico

Potatoes, but with a nice name.

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