3 reasons to work less and spend more time on your hobby

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You find at least half an hour a day for creativity, and this will have a positive effect on your labor success.

People spend a lot of time working. Many are distracted by the business even on weekends: they constantly check messages in the work chat and receive notifications from colleagues. This is especially true for management & sales.

However, most professionals have hobbies that they would like to do, but they cannot. Even when free time appears, they prefer Graphics for economic news releases to spend it in front of the TV or behind other useless activities.

But in fact, creative hobbies are beneficial, even if they are only half an hour a day. Here are some reasons sometimes to pick up a guitar or a brush.

1. Growth of creativity

In many areas nowhere without fresh ideas. If a company wants to grow and develop, its employees must constantly generate ideas that will attract new audiences or keep old ones.

But it is a difficult task. Especially if you have to constantly study and keep in mind metrics, data, indicators. Creative hobby makes use of and develop the part of the brain responsible for creativity. A person learns to express feelings and sensations, which then affects working abilities. Creating a new one from nothing becomes much easier.

2. Changing points of view

When managing a business, it is very easy to go headlong into business concerns and stop understanding how customers perceive the product or service of a company. This disrupts communication with the audience, customers go to competitors.

Creativity helps to avoid this. When a person creates, he always thinks about how his work will be perceived by other people. Over time, this becomes a habit that extends to professional activities.

3. Self-confidence

In any job, there are challenges. Some of them require a lot of time and effort. When we cannot cope with such responsibilities, it negatively affects our self-esteem.

If a person does not have the opportunity to remind himself that he can do a lot, then he may have problems. Why do we need creative confidence with mental health? Hobby gives you the opportunity to revive faith in your strength.

When we write a cool picture or play the guitar well, we not only enjoy, but also stop doubting ourselves. Studies show just 45 minutes of art-making of improved self-confidence, just 45 minutes of creativity per day greatly increase our confidence.

So if you always wanted to learn how to cross-stitch or sing, then allow yourself to spend at least half an hour on the hobby a day. This will not interfere with your business, but, on the contrary, will improve your skills and increase creativity.

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