5 cute animal accounts to discover urgently!

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These animals on Instagram are so cute! Here is a list of 5 Instagram animal accounts to follow to put some cuteness into your day and start it off right! Their masters must be jealous of their success…

Hamilton, the hipster cat

Animals on Instagram, Hamilton is the one who makes Movember all year round! Born probably on July 4, 2012, his country’s national holiday, the feline and his mustache are all about the perfect Californian hipster. His master took him in on the street and works in the tech sector in San Francisco. You could imagine them sipping cappuccinos in a trendy Starbuck in Silicon Valley!

Chloe the Beagle, and Rue the Rabbit, Friends for Life

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My two sun buns 🌞

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Beagles are renowned for being excellent hunting dogs, but are just as adorable as other dogs. However, Chloe immediately fell in love with Rue the Rabbit and became inseparable. “Be kind to those who are different from us” is their slogan. So much love between the two animals can only prove them right!

Hamlet, the pig who loved to dress up

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My middle name is 'dressed to impress.' #ThrowbackThursday

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Hamlet’s wardrobe might make some of us and other animals blush on Instagram. It is with a certain panache that the little pig puts on, to our delight, its disguises to pose like a real little human in front of the lens. Always with a smile on top of that!

Venus, the cat with two faces

Like Hamilton the hipster, this American cat was born in July 2009 before becoming a social media star. Vets are tearing themselves apart over whether she has Muscaicism or if it is a pipe dream. The cat seems to appreciate this quality and even has, according to the feline, her own profile on dating sites.

Lionel, the hat-headed hedgehog

Lionel likes to strike a pose relaxed, with both legs in the air! This cute little spade ball will appreciate the shade of a hat or make a splash on Christmas Eve with an elf beanie. Be careful, however, the animal imitates the ice cream on a cone very well…

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