5 seconds rule that will help you start doing anything

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Just counting from five to one, you can start work or decide on an act.

What is the rule

The five-second rule says that you only need to count from five to one to start acting. Then you can even do something that lacks desire or motivation.

How does it work

Probably, this method seemed ridiculous and unreal to you. Count down five seconds and manage to fulfill your plans? It would seem that this is an absolutely useless rule. However, practice shows that this is not the case.

The effectiveness of the five-second rule can be explained by two reasons:

You associate the countdown with the execution of some action. When you count to one, you unconsciously perceive it as a finish line. And if you exclaim “Forward!” Or “Let’s go!” At the same time, this will help you to get down to business even more.

You try not to contradict yourself and keep your promises. You undertake not to lie to others and to yourself. When you say that you get up early, you try to do just that. Otherwise, you will consider yourself a liar, even if that person never learns the truth.

If you promise yourself to get down to business immediately after the countdown, this will give you the necessary energy boost.

How to apply it

A classic example is the alarm clock rise. Instead of putting it on a repetition every five minutes, count to one and immediately, without hesitation, get out of bed.

In fact, the rule of five seconds is useful to you in all areas of life. For example, try applying it if:

1. feel that you can break and shout at someone. After that, you will calm down, the tone of the conversation will change to a benevolent one;

2. cannot start any project. If you do not force yourself to proceed to the diploma, count to one, open the document and start writing;

3. afraid to call someone. Just dial the number and start a conversation;

4. do not dare to make an appointment with a doctor. You are stopped by fear, but your mind insists that it is necessary for your health.

You can use the rule as you like. It will help both in small things and in serious accomplishments.

Do not forget that the most difficult part of the journey is the first step. Then you adapt to what you are doing and stop being afraid of these tasks.

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