6 wonderfull van as cozy as an apartment!

Wonderfull van trips can make you dream. To dream for the freedom that this mode of transport can offer to its drivers.3 min

Wonderfull van trips can make you dream. To dream for the freedom that this mode of transport (even of life) can offer to its drivers, and to reject, for the little comfort.

However, not all vans are in the same basket, and some are comfortable as an apartment! The proof by 6 with these wonderfull vans retyped in real accommodations on wheels.

A modern and trendy van

There is nothing like going on an adventure while maintaining a minimum of comfort and safety. With this comfortable luxury van and all the amenities, no doubt the trip should be fine. All that’s left is to find discount insurance and you can drive around the world!

Bunk beds for children

Children should appreciate the idea of ​​these two bunk beds oh so cozy and 100% secure with their golden barriers and the staircase well secured!

A fully equipped luxury van

The owner of this brand new (or freshly spruced up) van has not forgotten a thing. All the amenities are there: equipped kitchen, waxed parquet, multiple storage spaces or a dining room … All that’s missing is the bed that can be seen in the background!

A well decorated nature van

This cozy van has everything you need to feel good about it. A cozy bed with colorful adornments, old-fashioned tiling like in an apartment and a kitchen area perfectly fitted out so you won’t miss anything.

A cozy, well-appointed space

The space in this van has been used optimally. Double bed, fully equipped kitchen, dining table and sofas… This updated truck is as cozy as a studio! Freedom and more.

A retro caravan with a vintage look

With this model of vintage caravan, it’s a safe bet that all motorists will turn around in your path! This stylish retro vehicle, completely revamped, promises a bohemian life without losing its usual comfort.

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