Video – Zombie Snail seen in Taiwan

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Bright, green-orange and flashing, an unusual snail from the molluscs specie seen by a tourist in Taiwan went viral. A video was made of a Zombie Snail, seen in Taiwan.

“The snail seemed to have neon lights in it. I had no idea of ​​the existence of these specimens, but it was strange. I hit him with a stick, and he rolled on himself, “says Liu Ruian, quoted by Britain’s Daily Mail.

The snail in question is not a specimen of genetic manipulation or radioactive waste: it simply turns into a “zombie” by a parasitic worm that paralyses the body and the motor neurons of the mollusc, thus taking control of his mind and finally pushing him to “commit suicide.” We are not far from Stranger Things.


Present in Europe and North America, observed for the first time in 2013, Leucochloridium Paradoxum, by its scientific name, is a particularly rare form of life that uses gastropods as intermediate host bodies to proliferate. After penetrating inside (often by the eyes), the parasite lodges in the antennas and produces a green and orange “drawing” which flashes to take the appearance of a caterpillar. An imitation mechanism called “aggressive mimicry”.

But this parasite has just one goal: make the snail more visible, catch the attention of predatory birds… and be eaten. Indeed, once the snail has been ingested, the parasitic worm can reproduce with complete serenity in the digestive system of the bird. Until the droppings of the latter expel the eggs of the parasite, which are found in nature: the cycle can then repeat itself. A Machiavellian plan particularly well thought out, for a worm.

Now, have a look at the video: zombie snail seen in Taiwan!

Zombie Snail

Thus, after seeing this, we can definitely say, mother Nature, you are a freak! If you are into cutter animals, check-out this article. This company has made a successful lobbying to bring dogs to the office. Since then, well, no-one regrets this decision!

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