Amazing culinary creations

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Amazing culinary creations to say the least! As delicious as they are, you wouldn’t dare touch them…

Vegetable sculptures

Believe it or not, but this incredible sculpture, the work of the French premier Laurent Hartmann, was indeed made from vegetables! Could you distinguish in this palm, the pineapple, the orange or the cucumber that is hidden there?

A cauliflower monkey skull

Valeriano Fatica continues to have fun…

A woman in chocolate

“Belle à Croquer”,a woman that most men will find particularly attractive?

A plate to peck

We do not play with food. But sometimes, if you can combine business with pleasure, you might as well not hesitate!

Animated characters to make children eat

Samantha Lee has found the parade to eat vegetables for her little blond heads who shun vegetarian dishes: healthy products and a good dose of creativity as a bonus!

It makes funny pictures with colorful flavors on the plate, which now have all the qualities to attract the most difficult children!

A bunch of vegetables with charcuterie flowers

This almost vegetarian bouquet changes from the age-old bouquet of flowers. And in addition, it nourishes!

A “golden” globe

This pretty red apple has been meticulously carved to take the shape of a real world map. A goldsmith’s work!

Edible Nike Air Max

For the release of its new shoe, the Nike brand would have called on a talented fast-food cook to bring a toasted touch to its new advertising campaign. A cheese that smells of feet, or the opposite?

Stars Wars on his plate

StormTroppers like rice dumplings or BB-8 in soft-boiled egg, we will make only one bite of the planet Hoth!

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