Beautifully decorated cooked eggs

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These people have great imaginations and artistic flair, so much so that what they do with cooked eggs is truly akin to works of art. After seeing this list, you won’t see eggs the same way! Maybe, you will even have some ideas…

Happy cows

Olives come in handy for creating the dark parts of these little egg artwork! To make the faces of these laughing cows, the artist-cook used cheese of different shades.


The trick to this all-food artwork is the full use of eggs. Indeed, white is used to make the body, while yellow forms the sun of this iconic scene from the Snoopy comic strip!

Small boats

This is a nifty little piece of art that is easy to make with your child! Ham forms the sails above the egg-shaped shell which floats on a placid sea of ​​porcelain.

Pingu !

Do you remember Pingu, the hero of the eponymous animated series? This piece made with eggs is very well done. The artistic trick is to use olives to make the black parts and baby carrots for the rest!

A cute little pig!

We appreciate the sausage that comes back to the animal that produced it! This little eggy animal makes you want to have a good, salty breakfast.

A technique developed

You can cook eggs very simply. However, turning them into works of art takes more technique and skill!

Winnie the Pooh and his beehives

What a great idea to have some small sausages to make Winnie the Pooh’s beehives! Do you have any leads on what the artist used on the famous Disney character’s shirt? Tomato maybe?

Brown eggs

The eggs that the person has used to make cute, but appetizing, small animals are very popular in Asian cuisine.

A story every morning

These kinds of small dishes in the morning should fuel a child’s imagination. Enough to fill up on stories before the day even begins!

Nori sheets

In addition to the eggs, the artist used strong> nori sheets to make the black parts of this small work of art. A very appetizing plate, isn’t it?

Attention to detail in a work of art

In this composition of taste art, the details are meticulous, like the hairiness of the characters which gives all its visual flavor to this work of art made of eggs!

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