Corona beer, collateral victim of the coronavirus epidemic

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Almost three months after the start of the coronavirus epidemic, the popularity of Corona beer has plummeted.

Initially, these were simple jokes on social networks. But almost three months after the start of the epidemic, the time is no longer for fun.

According to a survey published by YouGov this Wednesday, February 26, the popularity of Corona beer.

Very popular in the United States, is currently in free fall due to the spread of the coronavirus, or Covid-19.

Only 5% of Americans plan to buy Corona.
While 80% of Americans had a positive image of the brand in early January, the figure plummeted to just 50% in February. And if the impact on sales is not yet known, purchasing intentions have followed an even more worrying curve.

Only 5% of Americans surveyed said they wanted to buy Corona in the coming days, the lowest level recorded in two years.

A similar finding in France, where the brand’s Preference of Purchase score has been divided by eight since January 10 and now reaches 0.7%, tells us today RTL.

“Consumers understand that there is no connection”
As a direct result of this not-so-deserved disenchantment, the stock prices of the Constellation Brands group. Corona’s parent company, fell by more than 8% this week in New York, reports BFMTV.

But the company wants to be reassuring all the same, and remains convinced that “consumers understand that there is no link”. Between the virus and the company, as a spokesperson explained to Business Insider . For the moment, the figures would prove him rather wrong …

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