Usain Bolt at Beijing Olympics ate 1000 nuggets in 6 days! Did you know?

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Usain Bolt at the Beijing Olympics in 2008

Beijing Olympics, Usain Bolt eating 1000 Nuggets. Sounds like a joke?

Food becomes an obsession for athletes with very strict diets, but this is not the case for the fastest man on the planet.

Indeed, in his biography, Bolt revealed that he had eaten about 1000 McNuggets and fries in just six days during his participation in the 2008 Olympics, all because he found the Chinese food “strange”.

At the Olympics, Bolt won three gold medals in one of the most extraordinary performances in Olympic history, so it’s clear that the nuggets did not hurt the athlete! Aged 21, he won his first Olympic title on the 100 meters, even after munched away 1000 chicken nuggets!

He also said that this is definitely not something to reproduce. His achievements came with a lot of training and dedication and obviously, one eating too many nuggets, would never get a chance to perform like he did!

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