Top 5 healthiest cuisines in the world!

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The World Health Organisation has used World Health Day to highlight diabetes, often caused by an unbalanced diet, which will soon be, according to its estimates, the seventh leading cause of death in the world. So, in what parts of the world do you eat the healthiest? Discover the top 5 healthiest cuisines in the world!

The British media The Independent draws a panorama of the most preventive kitchens in terms of chronic diseases around the world.

Mediterranean cuisine

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A bit greasy, all this spread of olive oil everywhere, will you tell us? However, it is rich in monounsaturated and poly-unsaturated fatty acids, sources of good cholesterol and which act in prevention of cardiovascular diseases. With its combination of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fresh fish and dairy products, scientists consiser Mediterranean cuisine to be one of the healthiest cuisines in the world, guaranteeing longevity.

Japanese cuisine

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The Japanese are famous worldwide for their longevity, and their diet would be no stranger. At the root of this health of iron, carbohydrates are drawn mainly from fresh foods such as fruits, vegetables, rice, meat and raw fish. In 2005, the government even launched a healthy food guide to encourage citizens to reduce the amount of saturated fat (which raises cholesterol in the blood) and processed foods. Note that Japan focuses on water and tea rather than processed beverages.

Scandinavian cuisine

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Rye bread, oily fish, edible roots and fermented milk and cheese are commonplace in the Nordic countries. High in fiber, and low in sugars, this diet would be comparable to Mediterranean food according to some studies. It would indeed have the advantage of reducing inflammations responsible for chronic diseases and the risk of colon cancer.

The cuisine of West Africa

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Traditional food from Mali, Chad, Senegal and Sierra Leone would be as healthy as Japanese food according to a recent study. It contains a large proportion of foods known to be beneficial to health: fruits and vegetables (such as yams), whole grains (such as wolof rice), dried or smoked fish and other foods rich in fats, fiber and omega-3. One of the advantages of West African food is also that the region is less invaded by processed products than Western countries.

French cuisine

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This is one of the greatest mysteries of our culture. France, a country of the croissant, bread, cheese and wine, and food that is generally rich in saturated fatty acids, does not show a dramatic record in terms of heart disease or in terms of obesity. According to one study, the key to this enigma is actually in the amount of food people eat. In fact, they eat in relatively small proportions compared to the quantities swallowed by the English or the Americans, for example.

In conclusion: focus on fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and vegetables. But also rely on good fats such as olive oil. A little fish and less meat. In terms of drinks, focus on water, tea. And as a rule, forget the processed and prepared food.

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