Travel to Estonia: it has over 50% of its territory covered with forest!

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If you never did, you should definitely travel to Estonia. Apart from beautiful landscapes and wildlife, nature itself has its own place in every corner of the country. Around 20% of Estonia is a national reserve, so anyone visiting will be gifted with impressive feelings. Check out our most recommended spots below!

Lahemaa National Park

Lahemaa National Park is number 1 in our list because it is the oldest and the largest national reserve in Estonia.

©Anna Grigorjeva

You’ll find it in northern Estonia, close by the Gulf of Finland. 


You can expect to hike by the sea and through marshes, dense forest, and bogs full of wild edible berries such as blueberries, raspberries and strawberries.

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If you are into waterfalls, well, it also has quite beautiful ones!


Wonderful old pine-trees forests, houses very near to the sea, and pretty small rivers.

©Bobo Boom

Just like everywhere else in Estonia, you’ll also find beautiful windmills which you can (sometimes) visit.


Along the Gulf of Finland Lahemaa park features beautiful rocks from ancient glaciers and crystal clear waters.

©Mart Koppel

Soomaa National Park

Because of its yearly flooding, Soomaa National Park is very special, allowing only water access certain times a year.


This creates some stunning swamp and bog landscapes that can be visited via boardwalks or small boat. Also, sunrise and sunset are just incredible to watch.

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Estonians care for everyone. The National Park also has several wheelchair accessible trails. If you pay close attention, you’ll see some of its famous beavers nearby water areas.

©Peter Grudina

When the flooding happens, just hop in a boat and get to observe the stunning nature protected by Soomaa National Park.

©Joonas Plaan

Matsalu National Park

This one is located in southern Estonia along the Matsalu Bay and the Kasari River. It is less known but as beautiful as the other ones!


If you are into birds observation, well, it is considered one of the best destinations in Europe.


Apart from the 250 bird species you can see there, you can find other types of wild animals, such as Foxes or Boars.

©Kalle Pihelgas

To observe wild life, there is no better place to be in Estonia.


Vilsandi National Park

This is the last National Park we will highlight in this post. It is special because made of many islands including the western part of Saaremaa (the largest island in Estonia).


Marine wildlife is just stunning. If you are lucky you can find cute seals chilling.


One other typical Estonian landscape monuments: lighthouses. Due to its sharp coastal area, there are many which you can visit.


Estonian weather changes often and that, we guarantee, will lead every time to some of your best shots!


We hope that we raised some interest for you to travel to Estonia (specially for Christmas), it’s definitely a beautiful place to visit, especially in Summer and Winter times. And if you do, think of going a bit further East, to Russia, in Novosibirsk to visit the local Maldives!