Even the greatest sportsmen can lose. Not the gymnast Simone Biles.

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The 22-year-old American gymnast Simone Biles dominates her discipline so much that she invents figures never made before. She became the US All-Around Champion for the sixth time. Unparalleled performance for the last 67 years! She is not a legend of gymnastics, but of world sport.

It is easier to list the titles that Simone Biles did not win than to read her entire track record. Β© AFP / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Jamie Squire

No active sportsman dominates his discipline as much as Simone Biles does in gymnastics. At only 22 years old her record is ruffling.

Fourteen world championship titles, four Olympic titles. This makes her the most successful gymnast in history.

Since last weekend, her resume, thick as a book, has a new line: she became for the sixth time champion of the United States general competition. Six wins in six participations is already an epic. But this becomes unprecedented when one knows that gymnastics is one of the most physically demanding sports. Six years of longevity at this level in this sport is a first. Biles’ body does not tire.

In order to fully measure the overwhelming dominance, the prestigious magazine “New Yorker” writes: “Serena Williams does not win every tournament, Michael Phelps has already lost a race, and Biles has never lost the overall competition in six years. won a total of twenty-five World and Olympic medals and is competing only against herself and for a long time”. Just that.

And Simone Biles invented figures

By being used to the gold medals, it is necessary that Simone Biles satisfies her bulimia of epics with something else. She invents these figures, unpublished movements, which she introduced to the public at the United States championships some weeks ago.

The first figure was made at the exit on the beam: double-double dismount:

And the second one, on the ground, with a triple twist with double salto (do not do it in your living room, in case you’d feel like it!)

The ultimate consecration may occur at the World Championships in Stuttgart next October.

And Simone Biles became a #metoo voice

The powerful American Gymnastics Federation is very weakened by a scandal of sexual assaults committed by its former chief medical officer. Larry Nassar was sentenced to life for abusing more than 250 athletes for more than 20 years. Simone Biles was one of his victims, she confessed in a Twitter message in which she also explained her difficulties in overcoming this pain.

Simone Biles also questioned the American federation, too quiet in her opinion during the two decades during which the aggressor was hanging among these young women.

She had sworn not to want to be reduced to this status of victim of this serial aggressor. Simone Biles has a word and she knows how to hold it.

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