Food art: 4 unusual culinary creations to say the least

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Amazing food art creations to say the least! As delicious as they are, you wouldn’t dare touch them …

Made from sugar, chocolate, vegetables or any other edible ingredient, these 18 unusual and extraordinary culinary creations, straight out of the creative kitchens of chefs with overflowing imagination, seem to have been sculpted in rock. We would hardly dare to bite into it!

A real chocolate boat

George Larnicol is the emblematic figure of success in Brittany. Originally from Quimper, this pastry chef and chocolate maker having spread houses all over France, in 2010 created a real chocolate boat 3, 50 meters long, launched in the port of Concarneau under the bewildered gaze of passers-by. We hope that the sun will not be too hot…

Landscapes entirely recreated in food

Carl Warner is an English photographer like no other. What he likes to photograph are landscapes. So far, nothing very unusual. Except that the ones he straps are made up of real edible ingredients! This is how we can find in his meticulous creations, fruit and vegetables cut into cubes, meat, bread, fish or even sweets. If he doesn’t lack the help of photo software, he’s the one who creates these miniature decors himself. Impressive.

Edible works of art

Anna Keville Joyce is a true culinary stylist. Masterpieces are played on a background of porcelain plates and cutting boards. A colorful meal that we will have a hard time starting …

A monstrous watermelon

Valeriano Fatica is an Italian culinary artist who likes to mix the fantastic with his fruits and vegetables fresh from the market. Like this watermelon at the head of a monster, half reptile, half crocodile. We lost our appetite.

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