Humans with real superpowers

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Not all superheroes wear capes. Who knows, you may have come across Humans with real superpowers on the street by chance. Exit Spiderman, Superman or Wonderwoman, the superheroes on this list are real humans like you and me, who have very normal lives, or almost…

Wim Hof, the ice man

Wim Hof is in his fifties when he pushes the limits of cold around the world. It holds 20 Guinness world records. He exercises a meditative breathing technique which prevents him from feeling cold. In 2002 he stayed more than 6 minutes in apnea under the polar ice and in 2007 he participated in a half-marathon (21 km) on the polar circle, barefoot and in shorts.

Véronica Seider, or the vision of the eagle

In 1972, the University of Stuttgart in West Germany reported that one of their students, Véronica Seider, had 20 times the visual acuity of a normal person. For example, it could identify people more than 1.6 km away. Without a pair of binoculars, it is impossible for us to see precisely at such a distance.

Human echolocation by Ben Underwood

Ben Underwood was only 3 years old when he had his eyes removed due to retinal cancer. Since then, he has had to relearn how to perceive the world around him using a very particular technique which is echolocation.

A technique which consists in interpreting the sound waves returned by the various obstacles which one meets. Ben makes noise with his cane for example and he interprets the echo of the waves. He is so proficient in this technique that he is able to play basketball and cycle normally.

Stephen Wiltshire and his photographic memory

Stephen Wiltshire is a British architectural artist who can look at a landscape once and reproduce it in drawing with perfect precision. He is in fact autistic, which can make some difficult daily tasks for him, but certain others which seem impossible to us easy.

For example, he is able to draw an entire city based on short walks. He made a name for himself after sketching in detail the city of New York over 6 meters long, based on a single twenty-minute helicopter ride.

Dean Karnazes, the adaptable muscle runner who never stops

Dean Karnazes, born August 23, 1962, is a Greek long distance runner. He is able to run without ever stopping. He has already run 563 kilometers without running for 80 hours. Studies have even shown that his muscles can adapt to exertion and that at a speed of 2 km / h with regular hydration, he could run almost without ever stopping.

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