Incredible coincidences that never happen

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Are the coincidences really fortuitous? Or can they represent warning signs or a subliminal message? No matter what you think on the subject, just look at these unusual and incredible coincidences photos!

Do you believe in fate? Do you think that everything that life sows in your path does not happen by chance? Or do you rather think of an existence of more or less random events which, no matter how odd, are the result of chance?

Whatever position you take on the subject, here, to sow doubt, coincidences so rare, that one would not dare to believe it! So, would a supernatural force have taken hold of the daily lives of some?

An egg that contains 4 yolks

And that would almost take on a human face! Or at least that of an animated character…

A bird that lands on the exact page of its description

Would this bird have been trained to land on the page corresponding to its description? Not sure…

A dragonfly that lands on its tattoo reproduction

Again, the coincidence is surprising!

A perfectly aligned advertising truck

When the vehicles following this truck think they see double… Watch out for road trips!

The stripe of this dog in perfect agreement with the tide

A photo taken at the right time, in the right place… Foam as hair?

Letters that save

Some letters of the sign of this restaurant no longer work, but others save the day! Phew, we always know far away what it is…

A mosquito crushed by the force of a dart

Right in the target !

Trucks that double up at the right time…

These two heavyweights who have nothing to do with each other, form, by surpassing themselves, the name and the first name of the American singer Taylor Swift

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