Incredible things you’ve never seen before

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Did you know about the existence of these incredible things, commun or uncommun things? Learn again and again!

Brick machine

Of course, man does not lay a brick pavement himself!

The internal mechanism of a Patek Philippe watch

And these watches are considered the most expensive in the world!

A sunset and an eclipse occurring at the same time

Nature is full of surprises…

A curved border fence near the Algodones Dunes in Southern California

A border that changes from the ordinary! It separates the United States from Mexico.

Perfect Pyrite cubes formed by Mother Nature

She goes out of her way to surprise us!

This eggshell has more than 20,000 holes in it

Who volunteers to count them one after the other?

Molten glass in a building damaged by fire

A more than fascinating consequence!

The deepest pool in the world is 34 meters deep for more than 2 million liters of water

Fins, snorkel, mask and oxygen cylinder are obviously required to dive into this pool!

The skull of a child before losing his baby teeth

Photography is enough by itself, right?

Giant swords in Norway

“Swords on the rocks” or in Norwegian “Sverd i fjell” is a monument commemorating the naval battle of Hafrsfjord which unified the country in 872.

A fresh idea for a bridge

At least we are safe from the weather!

The natural geometry of a cabbage

Nature has its own works of art.

Above, the human vision. Below, the vision of the cat…

Their night vision is clearly superior to ours!

A carved wardrobe that looks like digital distortions

A breathtaking trompe-l’oeil!

Grass after being struck by lightning

An electrifying result…

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