Inexplicable photos that we would like to understand

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Unusually inexplicable photos, far-fetched photos! If you understood something, well, you’re a genius!

The Web is full of unusual images and it’s a weak word to describe what we can find. And as we still have no explanations for these, we share them with you! All these surprising images come from the Reddit community site.

Like what, a single website can already contain a lot of things… Here are incomprehensible and out of context photos, completely inexplicable.

After all, money has no smell

What significance did the user of this ATM want to leave with this poor tuna taken hostage?

Hungry or no clean dishes?

We note, however, the print of the vase, coordinated with those of the spaghetti it contains. A sudden urge for mimicry?

Funny bird

Pelican arrested for theft?

All tastes are in nature

We don’t judge …

Something is missing, right?

Wouldn’t it have been like a little oversight? The architect, however, had only one thing to do …

Not sure it works …

Vacuuming the snow with a simple small vacuum cleaner, you doubt that the technique will be very effective in storms. Unless you want to delay the time to go to work …

A technique like any other

We will not venture to swallow these slices of bread in the morning!

Big Brother is watching you

Is Big Brother hiding behind a white horse? One can hardly imagine Prince Charming!

When we live in the future…

Strange profile picture.

A little disturbing

This joke that does not do things by half could be hilarious if it was not disturbing at first sight … This unusual shaved head should startle more than one!

Worthy of a Hitchcock film

The Birds, the return. Or rather, Les Mouettes.

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