Dogs at work: this company has done a successful lobbying to bring paws to the office!

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Dogs at work: dog owners often care more for their little beasts than they care about their own haircut. That is the reason why those having an office job, struggle every morning to leave home for the day, knowing their beloved one stays home, often alone. It can also be very complicated when taking a puppy as they need a lot of attention in the first months.

One of the most successful IT company in Estonia, Adcash, counts quite a few dog owners among its crew. It’s been a hard lobbying for them in the past years, to be able to bring their favorites along.

With rising requests from the staff, the management has worked hard on building a plan so that it would finally be possible to bring additional love, joy and happiness in everyone’s day-to-day.

Plan is ready, it works as expected!

Management has happily seen much more positive atmosphere since their employees can bring their dogs at work, not only for dog owners but for the entire staff. Communication among colleagues has also increased significantly. Whenever one needs a 5-10 minutes break from ongoing tasks, specially within a high-pace working environment, you sure will get rewarded with a lot of love from petting one of the on-duty dogs! It just brings to anyone the most positive emotions possible.

More introverted colleagues have started to also communicate much more with peers thanks for the dogs at the office. The dogs bring the necessary courage one would need to start a conversation with a colleague they don’t necessarily interact with on a day-to-day basis.

So, without further delays, let’s see a few snaps of the 4 Paws crew!

Bailey always comes to the office with his own pet!
Enrique, aka “Spanish macho”, takes over his owner tasks whenever possible!
Pronto, gives after-work Salsa classes to anyone who wants to join!
Tiki is by far the most hairy one in the office, yet, soft as a polar bear!
Zaffy, aka Zaffythestaffie, always pretend to sleep in her bed!
If you look at Preston in the eyes, you’ll always say yes to whatever he asks!
At winter time, Zaffy is often on the look for ancient fossils!
Any decent bear like Tiki hibernates waiting for summer to come back!
Working online can be extremely tiring for Bailey!
It is also very important for Enrique to work on his tan!
Pronto loves participating in daily stand-ups and gives very practical advices!
Preston will always make sure to keep your seat warm!

If you also are a dog owner and wish to make a change within your working environment, you should definitely do so. Make sure to bring the pros why it is really good to bring dogs into an office as explained earlier in this article. It is of course very important that the dog is well behaved, obeys to the owner and doesn’t disturb the work from non-pet friendly colleagues or office guests. Owners take full responsibility on their dog and must keep a close eye on them. Set out the rules in writing about what is allowed or not and anyone taking a dog with them reads the rules, commit to them and acts accordingly. Hopefully you can then get the privilege to bring your dogs at work!

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