Residents of Novosibirsk, Russia, have discovered the local Maldives. Only swimming there is life-threatening!

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Recently, social networks of bloggers and ordinary mortals of Novosibirsk are full of photos against the backdrop of a surprisingly beautiful reservoir. Its white sand and clear blue water do not fit into the Russian landscape and are misleading other users of the network. Local nicknamed this place ‘The Maldives’, but to swim there is strictly prohibited.

The charming water reservoir is a septic tank, into which Novosibirsk CHP-5 discharges waste. When fuel is burned in a thermal power plant, ash and slag are formed, which are transported as a mixture through pipes to an ash dump. Due to a large amount of calcium and other metal oxides, the water in the pond acquires a beautiful bright blue color.

Residents of Novosibirsk come to the ash dump to take a picture on the background of the blue pond.


Photos are no worse than from Maldives beaches.


But to touch the water is strictly prohibited.


CHP-5 merges here ash and slags, which contain a large amount of calcium salts and metal oxides.


They give such a beautiful visual effect, but they make the water dangerous for all living things.


Those who want to make a beautiful photo or just admire the lake does not stop anything.


In some shots, the technical reservoir cannot be distinguished from the real Maldives beaches.


It is distinguishable only because of Russian birch and pipes coming from the CHP.

There are brave souls who, for the sake of beautiful photos, risk their health and enter the water.


Dangerous beauty attracts people to the Novosibirsk Maldives.


Not only nature creates fascinating landscapes — the ash dump of Novosibirsk is a clear proof of that. But behind the beautiful appearance lies dangerous content, which is better not to approach!

Would you want to make a photo there?

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