Scrat from Ice Age: in Argentina, a prehistoric animal similar to him was discovered

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Called “Pseudotherium argentinus”, this specimen lived 230 million years ago.

The squirrel from the animated movie “Ice Age” is actually a “Pseudotherium argentinus”.

The unfortunate squirrel Scrat from “Ice Age”, in eternal quest for recalcitrant acorns, would have existed. A very similar specimen was discovered in 2006 in Ischigualasto, San Juan, Argentina, by paleontologist Ricardo Martinez. It was the University of La Matanza, Buenos Aires, which made the announcement Friday on its Twitter account.

This new species, called “Pseudotherium argentinus”, lived during the Triassic period, 230 million years ago. The skull discovered was analysed at the University of Texas, along with researchers Rachel Wallace and Timothy Rowe.

It was feeding on insects and smaller animals

Measuring nearly 25 centimeters long, it has “a very long and flattened muzzle, shallow, and its canines are also very long and are located almost at the tip of the snout,” says Ricardo Martinez. These are the characteristics that give him a “very similar” appearance to Scrat adds the paleontologist.

The team of researchers thinks that this animal would have fed on insects and smaller animals, not acorns.

Many fossils belonging to animals different from those found in the northern hemisphere are regularly found in Argentina. They come from three periods: the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous Mesozoic Era.

Scrat from Ice Age is probably the funniest character from the animated movie, specially with his never ending acorn quest. Another funny animal story is available on our site, read more about Guirec and Monique the hen!

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