Spend a unique night in these incredible rooms

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More unusual hotels than the others, which should make you want to change your booking habits for these incredible rooms!

A burrow in Iceland

Do you dream of escaping from the frenzy of the city to forget, for a weekend, the civilization that exhausts you? Why not go burrow at the bottom of one of these Icelandic turfs house, true landmarks of hermits dug on the ground? It will do you the greatest good!

A Boeing 727 in Costa Rica

Probably one of the most unusual hotels in Costa Rica! This flamboyant Boeing, appearing to take flight, is nothing less than a hotel fitted out in luxury suites, offering its clients a splendid view of the ocean. Phobic, go your way.

A pipe tube in Mexico

A daring bet for this establishment which offers completely eccentric hotel services: sleeping in concrete tubes, superimposed on each other. But beware, with all the comforts of a real hotel. Besides, in terms of catering, the chef is starred. A little less suspicious? If you persist, know all the same that the night in a classic tube is only 18 euros…

A room a thousand leagues under the sea, Maldives

Unique experience in this very luxurious hotel in the Maldives: spending the night among fish, corals and other marine life. This unreal room, located 5 meters below sea level, will allow you to admire, without fins or snorkel, the bucolic diversity offered by the Indian Ocean. A magical night in perspective.

A capsule in Japan

Do you want to sleep in a capsule like an astronaut? This is what several Japanese hotels offer, real youth hostels revisited… The concept, between tradition and simplicity, represents Japanese hospitality at best.

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