The 5 roads you should never take if you’re scared by car

Do you have motion sickness, a blue fear of bends or the apprehension of the road accident? These are the 5 roads you should never take3 min

Do you have motion sickness so you mustn’t try these roads you should never take. A blue fear of bends or the apprehension of the road accident? Avoid these complicated roads as a matter of urgency (or should we rather speak of side roads…), each more dangerous and perilous than the other!

Fairy Meadows Valley

One of the most dangerous roads in Pakistan is one of the most dangerous because it is not at all secure. Linked to the “fairy meadow”, it is nevertheless used, although road accidents are common there. It is maintained as best as possible by the locals, but looks more like a mountain track or path than a real road.

Canyon Skippers Route

In New Zealand, a 22 km long road is cut directly from natural shale rock. It was built in 1890, but has never been improved or secured since. Local rental companies prohibit access to rental companies of their vehicles.

Route of the Lena

This long highway is a federal road that connects Yakutsk to Skovorodino, a town in the south of Siberia. With a total length of 1235 kilometers, it is only a dirt track, mostly frozen. Except in summer, when the ice melts and therefore gives way to a veritable quagmire that is difficult to overcome.

China-Tibet-Nepal route

Nicknamed “the road of friendship”, this road winds between the highest peaks in the world. Which makes it one of the highest and most dangerous roads in the world. On the way, between Lhasa and Kathmandu, you can still admire magnificent landscapes. But you will quickly understand why Tibet is called “the roof of the world”.

Halsema Road

The Halsema road is a Filipino road that links Baguio to Bontoc. It has the distinction of being the highest, but also the most dangerous road in the Philippines. Allow at least 10 hours to cover this 250 km “track”. Long sections of the road are bordered by deep ravines, of course without any safety barriers. It is often blocked due to landslides or mudslides.

Dalton Highway

Dalton Highway is one of the 5 roads you should never take. It is located in Alaska and is often chosen as the subject in the American reality show The Convoy of the Extreme. 666 km of highway that crosses all of northern Alaska without any mobile network and almost no gas station. Some drivers, forced to pass, are subject to freezing temperatures, icy gravel roads, heavy snowstorms and even avalanches.

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