The best couple jokes!

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No love without humor! Couple jokes are the best gift you can give yourself.

Can’t get over hearing your frozen friends proudly say that half of Valentine’s Day takes them out to dinner at the best restaurant in town? Anyway, you hate doing like everyone else, and can’t afford to spend a dime on a party that you think is too commercial!

That said, you might well, in the morning, make a little joke to your soul mate, to counter all this bliss! Here are couples who have a sense of humor… and love!

A statement on the scale

“It doesn’t matter what the hemm thing says, I love you the way you are!” A declaration that capsizes the emotional balance!

A fake ring for the joke

A man makes his wife believe that he is offering her a jewel, when it is in fact a mug with a precious handle… Beware of false hopes, or big scares!

Flour instead of flowers

Could this caring husband have confused flowers with flour, or is it a (bad) joke around this pun? In any case, it has the merit of being original!

An invitation to spend less time in the bathroom

“Stop pooping, I miss you.” An original way to show that you want to spend more time with your darling!

A not-trivial shopping list

“Cheese – Bread – Avocados – Turkey – Bananas – Soybeans – Coffee – Milk – Diamond ring”. We girls have humor to spare!

A heart-shaped post-it with a funny note

“I already fed him, don’t be fall for his bullshit”. Indeed, the tomcat knows how to do it!

Un jeu de rôle grandeur nature

“Dear husband, I’m hiding in the house with a nerf gun, here is the other one. The loser makes dinner. ” A funny role-playing game!

A funny drawing

“I love you big like that. A banana for scale.”

An illusion of storage

From afar, you would have thought, however!

A note on the heating thermostat

“Cold = more gifts VS hot = less gifts…”.Or how to dissuade from raising the temperature. We are not fooled…

One foot on the scales

A joke that doesn’t make everyone laugh…

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