The extraordinary rooms all over the world

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Extraordinary rooms, such as, Igloos, floating huts or transparent bubbles, unusual hotels are multiplying like bad grass! If some are quite widespread, others are rather eccentric.

Suite-Boeing, room underwater or in a coffin, why not test a night in one of these 18 unusual hotels, to change from the eternal Ibis Budget?

We promise you mountains and wonders…

A cave in Cape Town, South Africa

It almost feels like the neanderthal home, with comfort in addition. In the heart of the rocky desert of the Kagga Kamma nature reserve, a few hours from Cape Town.

A luxury prehistoric caves unfold, offering splendid landscapes over the vastness of the desert. Most ? The swimming pool built in the rock.

A lighthouse in Brittany, Riantec, France

Highly unrecommended for people with vertigo, this stunning hotel will delight lovers of surprising panoramas.

It must be said that at 25 meters in height, the view of the Morbihan is incomparable. All the same 500 euros a night!

A crane on the harbor docks (Harbor Crane Hotel), Holland

A bed and breakfast for the less luxurious (300 euros per night), in an environment that is not! Anyway, it had to be done: design room in an arty loft style, all-inclusive comfort.

We just hope that the other cranes, the real ones, the ones that work every day in this industrial port, will not wake you up. hour too early. Or it might well break the spell…

A transparent bubble, Brussels

Now widespread around the world, these bubble apartments will allow you to enjoy the surrounding nature, whatever the weather conditions.

Summer or winter, spring and autumn, you will no longer have any excuse not to take the air, for full communion with nature. What we are not told is if we are seen from the outside…

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