The most beautiful lakes in the world part 2

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Where are the most beautiful lakes in the world? Asia, Europe, Oceania? Basically, all the lakes on our beautiful planet deserve the title! But there are photos that put certain bodies of water particularly to their advantage…

Lake Serre-Ponçon, France

This man-made lake of beauty that doesn’t look like it is located in the southern Alps. Created following the construction of a dam on the Durance, the lake of Serre Ponçon, part of which has remained wild. (rocky coasts cut out on both sides) Now has many facilities for navigation or swimming.

Lake Baikal, Russia

This lake with icy accents, sometimes renamed “The Pearl of Siberia”, is the oldest and deepest freshwater lake in the world. It would thus constitute the largest reserve of fresh water on the surface of the Earth. The transparency of its waters is unique and would give us perfect visibility up to 40 meters deep!

Emerald Lake, United States

Emerald Lake

A true gem in the heart of Rocky Mountain National Park, Emerald Lake was named after the color of its emerald waters.

El Lago Torre, Argentina

Lake Torre, or Laguna Torre, is a small glacial lake located at the foot of Mount Cerro Torre. Which is among the most difficult peaks to climb, due to its unpredictable weather conditions.

Lake Tahoe, United States

Straddling California and Nevada, Lake Tahoe is, at 1,897 meters above sea level, the largest mountain lake in North America. The water of this majestic lake with the Native American name (from the word washo, meaning lake) would be clear enough to see more than 20 meters.

Jiuzhaigou Lake, China

Particularly renowned for the beauty of its waterfalls and its many lakes, Jiuzhaigou National Park is a high place of legends. According to Tibetan mythology, a god offered a mirror to the goddess he loved, which broke into 118 pieces when she dropped it, forming as many lakes as pieces of glass. For the Chinese, the Jiuzhaigou Valley is a magical place unlike any other.

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