The most beautiful sunsets around the world

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A brief overview of beautiful sunsets across the world. Sunsets, each more beautiful than the next!

Greece, France, Asia or the United States, the sun does not set at the same time everywhere. Some photographers in love with Helianthus have waited patiently, in the four corners of the globe, for him to disappear into the arms of Morpheus. This results in beautiful photos of sunsets, which will delight the most romantic of you!

Sunset over glaciers, Iceland

Iceland offers skies to fall for those who want to wait!

Somewhere at sea…

The navigator of this boat is in luck!

Provence, France

The sunsets of France, spreading over the silvery lavender fields as far as the eye can see, are all more beautiful than the others!

Crozon peninsula, Brittany, France

The wild coasts of Brittany have nothing to envy to tropical beaches! Quite the contrary, with the support of magnificent sunsets.

Horseshoe Bend, United States

Horseshoe Bend (literally the horseshoe curve in French) is a bend in the Colorado River, Arizona. This exceptional site, made of eroded rock, is even more so at sunset!

When the sky takes on the color of flowers

A sumptuous photo which has the merit of being very colorful. Long live the flower fields!

Plitvice Lake Falls, Croatia

The waterfalls of the famous Croatian lakes are lavishly reflected in the sky during the soothing sunset.

Peaceful calm for this pastel color photo, United States

This twilight photo is as calming as its pastel sky!

Paris falls asleep

The French capital also offers magnificent sunsets, contrary to what some might think…

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