The Pentagon publishes UFO videos

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The US Department of Defense said in a statement on Monday that it had decided to officially release UFO videos showing in-flight encounters with what appear to be UFOs.

Indeed The Pentagon has officially released three videos taken by US Navy pilots showing in-flight encounters with what appears to be UFOs. One of these videos, all in black and white, dates from November 2004 and the other two from January 2015. They were already circulating, after having been made public in particular by the New York Times

On one of these videos, we can see an oblong object moving quickly which, a few seconds after being spotted by one of the sensors aboard the aircraft of the US Navy, disappears on the left following sudden acceleration.

“The United States must take a serious and scientific look at this”

The US Department of Defense said in a statement on Monday that it had decided to release it officially so as to dispel any public misconceptions about the truth or not of the images that have been disseminated or about knowing ‘there were or not more. “The aerial phenomenon observed in the videos remains qualified as” unidentified”, added the Pentagon.

In another video, we distinguish an object above the clouds, the pilot wondering if it is a drone.

In fact “There is a whole swarm of them, they are all going against the wind! A west wind of 120 knots!” Said his flight companion. “Look at this thing!” Continues his interlocutor when the object begins to rotate.

Indeed the three videos “FLIR,” “GOFAST” and “GIMBAL” can be downloaded from the “Naval Air Systems Command” website.

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