The Top 5 of the best original Netflix series

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From Stranger Things The Witcher, to Hill House, The Crown, Mindhunter … This is our top netflix original series

Stranger Things

This incredible tribute to the Amblin films of the 1980s (notably E.T. and Les Goonies) has thrilled the hearts of millions of viewers around the world. With its universe so endearing and its atmosphere both scary and fascinating.

Stranger Things has established itself as the most popular original creation of the platform. And season 3, even more fun and spectacular, has only increased the enthusiasm for Eleven and his friends.

Current status: season 4 is being filmed. Expected release in late 2020.

The witcher

Dantesque means to make beautiful spectacular fantasy. Netflix did not skimp on adapting the novels and the famous video game. Swords that collide, magic on all floors, larger-than-life monsters, Kingdoms that hate each other …

Pure entertainment that manages to engage the viewer, in a classic style, with the air of an old tale “Fantasy” of yesteryear.

Current status: season 2 is filming and expected for the start of 2021.

Hill House

What a horrible and delicious surprise! Also Released in the fall of 2018, this adaptation of the cult eponymous novel by Shirley Jackson (dating from 1956) was not frankly expected. She amazed her world.

As a matter of fact ten episodes of slow anxiety perfectly mastered by its creator and director, Mike Flanagan, preferring a freezing atmosphere of a haunted house to easy “jump scares”.

Indeed the history of the Crain, through the ages – and told with flashbacks – passes with disconcerting ease from the captivating family drama to the terrifying horrifying tale. A series that manages to be as scary as it is engaging.

Current status: Season 2, which will be titled The Haunting of Bly Manor, has been announced. She will tell another story of a haunted house.

The crown

As a matter of fact It’s the most expensive series on Netflix right now, and it’s worth every dollar spent, beautifully written, filmed in lush fashion, in breathtaking settings. The Crown is a masterpiece of the small screen. A rare, touching and fascinating historical reconstruction.

After a bluffing first season, season 2 still managed to dazzle us, thanks in large part to the performance of Claire Foy. And in season 3, the new cast got to the level: Olivia Colman showed the extent of all her talent, in the same way as Helena Bonham-Carter.

Current status: season 3 was released at the end of 2019. Season 4 is being filmed and expected by the end of 2020.


David Fincher’s first series returns to the origins of FBI profiling techniques. Or how to make people understand, in the middle of the 70s, that it is better to try to understand serial killers, rather than to grill them …

Indeed this psychological thriller written by the master’s master and carried by interrogation scenes masterful, with delightful dialogues. From the director of Seven and Zodiac, we expected no less.

Current status: season 2 was released in August 2019. The series is on stand-by for a moment.

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