The worst jobs in the world

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There is no worst jobs: all work deserves wages! Finally, there are still certain professions that do not have the gift of attracting high school students in guidance forums… Here is a small summary of the worst jobs in the world (for us, anyway)!

All work merits salary. And more certain than others. No matter how much you say, working at Mac Donald’s or being a cashier in a hypermarket means missing your life, and imagine that there are much more thankless jobs. Here is a little preview.

Underarm sniffer

Did you know this bizarre job of sniffing the armpits of complete strangers to test the effectiveness of a deodorant? Ladle, as a job, but for 5000 euros per month (a sniffer could earn up to 60 000 € per year), the game is worth the effort!

Toilet tester

Often voted the worst job in the world, the toilet tester does not have a bladder in his pocket! As its name suggests, its role is to test the proper functioning of the toilets. For this, he makes false droppings to fill the bowl and makes sure nothing is blocked. Friendly.

Cleaner on the Highway

Dead animals crushed on the highway do not disappear on their own, someone must be removed!

Cat Food Tester

Obviously, you can imagine that we do not pay a cat to test its future pittance! The cat pate box tester must ensure its freshness, texture and smell, by putting their hands to the dough…

Animal masturbator

Many scientists need animal sperm to complete their studies. And they usually won’t do it alone…

Manure inspector

Animal droppings make an excellent fertilizer. That said, it takes someone to make sure they don’t contain any E. coli type bacteria…

Pusher in the metro

The metro pushers are the people who are responsible for pushing people into the metro car to make the outbound trips profitable. Didn’t you know it was a job? It’s in Japan…

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