Tips for relaxing holidays

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How to cut the cord of our ordinary lives? How to unplug with work and our daily hassle? How to put away our usual life? Some tips for relaxing holidays.

How to really unplug during holidays? © Getty / Dana Neibert

Understand why we have so much trouble letting go, one of the best tips for relaxing holidays

You’ll discover the best tips for relaxing holidays, “farniente”, peace of mind. There are some who, even away from home, resist. They are recognisable: smartphone at hand browsing the internet, or ready to program as many activities as possible to maximize their weeks of vacation… Behind this fear of dropping out, there can be many reasons: guilt of idleness , afraid of emptiness, need to shine…

Realise that these free times are a chance

To be on vacation is to be “without”. Without your colleagues, without the subway, sometimes without your children, it is undressing this “social self “, this disguise of a busy adult. Reconnect, get closer to yourself.

Today, holidays are moments of link therapy. The opportunity to rewrite broken links broken or threatened the rest of the time, whether conjugal, family, or friendly…

Doing nothing allows you to pay attention to your body or your loved ones… This allows you to recreate a link and be more attentive to what you have neglected during the race of the year.

Keep your smartphone away

With a smartphone, we are never in the immediate, but in the media: we communicate with someone who is not there. This makes it difficult to change skin. And if we give up changing skin… We take troubles with us.

We can use our watch: it avoids having to take out our phone to know the time. We allow ourselves only a daily “check” of the mails.

Go on an adventure…

Here is a tip: leave the car, leave everything behind you, and go on a bike adventure somewhere… You will get pretty well without smartphones because you will travel independently, you can not always charge them… It should be used only in case of emergency. And you’ll disconnect outright from the job! In one day, you change your skin.

The idea is to return to simplicity. Seek the ride, but also the meeting and the discovery of other cultures. From the first day, the only concern of your children (if you have) is to fill their water bottle, their bag of food, find their way and find a place to sleep safely in the evening. You’ll re-discover some pretty basic needs.

It is a return to a state of nature. This is the meaning of the hut: we find the pleasure of building our own home. When we bivouac, we become nomads, we break with sedentary lifestyle. We assume a role that breaks with everyday life, we leave a social logic for a tribal logic.

…or simply do things that we do not do all year

To go on a self-holiday, to reinvent yourself, there is no need to go to the end of the world: go to the cinema in the afternoon when you never go there, cook, while during the year, you never have time, write, if you ever had the desire to do so… These are basic tips for relaxing holidays.

More than doing nothing, you must tend towards an autonomy of the activity. Do what you want to do. There is a lot of DIY, for example, during the holidays…

The step aside, when having children

When you do not have the chance to be helped… you take the nap time to read a book. Look for a step aside: swim not far from them, for example… Take the opportunity to reload the batteries. And do not feel guilty about other “exemplary” parents who make the sand castle with their children, who swim with them… Not doing anything sometimes with your kids, and stay on your towel because you’re tired, is ok! It does not make you a bad father or a bad mother.

Tending towards a restoration of the time of boredom, contemplation, and the present

In his book Dans les Fôrets de Sibérie (In the forests of Siberia), Sylvain Tesson tells his stay near Baikal Lake. In his quest for inner life, he discovered the contemplation that sometimes arises: Between envy and regret, there is a point, the present. It would be necessary to practice balancing between these.

Overall, try to also work less and spend time on your hobbies whenever possible.