Tom Hanks brought out 6 rules of a happy marriage. Do you agree?

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We do! And you?

While Hollywood couples are often divorced, actor Tom Hanks and actress Rita Wilson are happy in marriage for 31 years. They have experienced a lot together, and their love is growing stronger every day. And what are the rules of marriage that can be learned from this couple?

1. Do not marry before you are 30 years old.

When Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson met while filming “Volunteers” in 1985, they already had relationships with other people. Hanks says he first got married because he was young, impulsive and worked all the time. Today, he believes that a real marriage should be a serious decision.

2. Go for tradeoffs.

Hanks was a Catholic, and Wilson was Orthodox. The actor knew how important religion was for his wife, and he changed his faith.

3. Support each other.

In 1994, when Hanks received his first Oscar, he first thanked his wife. In 2015, the actress was diagnosed with breast cancer. And she got out of it only thanks to the support of her husband.

4. Make small pleasant gestures for your partner.

Even after several years of marriage, they are still trying to do small, pleasant things for each other. Spouses wish each other a great day, leave little pleasant little notes and send video during the day.

5. Love your partner.

The American actor often says how much he appreciates his wife: “This woman loved me when I was weak, when I was fat, when I was bald. Therefore, I was lucky in life.”

6. Find the right person.

Hanks says: “My secret to a happy marriage is simply to marry the right woman. I was lucky with Rita. I am the happiest man in the world!”

Do you agree with these rules?