Top 10 American products we want (or not)!

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Despite what we can hear almost everywhere, the impact of American society on our food has not yet reached its climax. Certainly, MacDonald’s, M&M’s and Oreo are well established, but there are thousands of products, all more chemical than the others we want (or not). Here is a selection.

1. Red Bull Cola

If you think Red Bull is not sweet enough or not energising enough, try Red Bull Cola. It was really up to them to lay something like this. Nevertheless, we still want to taste it.

redbull cola
Credits Philip Ray

2. Dr Pepper

Since we saw Forrest Gump piss a tons of it, we dream about it. It happens to be found in some stores, but it is still too rare.

dr pepper
Credits Josh C

3. Fluff

This vanilla-flavoured marshmallow dough, strawberry or raspberry, can be enjoyed in a sandwich with peanut butter called flufernut, the breakfast that all little Brandons eat before their baseball games.

Credits Ginny

4. Lucky Charms

It’s true that it looks a little like cat food, but we still want to taste it.

5. Snapple drinks

Like fruit juice, but without fruit. Mmmhhhh good weird chemical stuff that makes you addict, slurp!

Credits aido2002

6. Reese’s

Chocolate-covered tartlets with peanut butter in between. Do we really need to say more?

Credits Evan-Amos

7. Wonka chocolate

An eccentric pedophile chocolate is necessarily excellent. We do not catch flies with vinegar.

wonka bar
Credits Nataliej

8. Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauce

Chuck Norris approved!

jack daniel's bbq sauce
Credits Student-food

9. Pop Tarts

Toasts filled with sweet crap that go to the toaster and microwave. Perfect for sugar-addict and lazy-asses (which often goes hand in hand).

pop tarts
Credits Scott Ehardt

10. French’s

The sweet and delicious mustard, which contrary to appearances is not French.

11. Bonus: Red plastic cups

It’s stupid, but we are convinced that this simple detail can make an aperitif “beer & chips” seem like an evening of madness.

red plastic cups

God bless America! Apart form the stuff we listed, they also make great sport athletes!

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