Top 10 reasons British accent is better than American accent

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There are as many ways to pronounce English as sheep in New Zealand. Well, more or less. That said, the English accent, this good old British accent, is the best of all. Better than the American accent for sure. For a few reasons we list here…

1. Because it’s classy

It’s undeniable! The British accent is the basis of the English class. Everything comes from there, including this legendary phlegm. It does not matter if you are dressed like sh*t, because as long as you have the accent, you are classy. It’s like that. Americans can not compete.


2. It’s the one we learn at school

Obviously, it’s more practical. When we go to London, we are (in principle) like a fish in the water. “Where is Brian? Brian is in the kitchen! Yes sir!”. In the United States, they eat up words, it’s more complicated.

3. Because that’s how the characters of Peaky Blinders speak

All that’s missing is the proper haircut, the three-pieces suit, the beret and that’s a done deal. When you speak with the English accent, you’re a bit like Tommy Shelby and that’s f***ing classy!


4. The British accent is the most understandable

As pointed out in point 2, Americans tend to eat up words. Everything depends on where we are going of course. We do not talk the same way in Dallas and New York. But overall, the English accent is much more limpid. People articulate much more in England. It is important.

5. It is more sexy

A survey published in the Independent in 2015 stated that the English accent was the most attractive in the world. We know that this is not quite true because it is well known: it is the French accent that is the sexiest. But in any case, there is no picture when it comes to comparing the American accent with the British accent.


6. It is the Queen’s accent

Even people who are not fans of the monarchy and the British royal family will agree that they prefer to “sound” like Elisabeth II rather than like Donald Trump…

7. It’s also James Bond’s

He has the license to kill (and the driving license too), it is the most badass, the sexiest and the most secret agent of her Majesty. His fatal weapon? His accent of course!


8. This is one of the most popular accents in the world

The one that is most imitated anyway. To make fun of it sometimes but not only. The British accent is synonymous with many things and symbolises on its own the essence of a whole nation. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

9. The British accent is the most universal

In Great Britain, as in all countries, depending on the region in which you are, there are several accents. So we’re talking here about the basic British accent, which could be called “London”. The one who is most taught in the world and the one who will always be understood. Americans can not necessarily say the same. Australians either.

10. Because the British accent makes you sound smarter

Always. Even when we say something stupid, with the British accent, it feels like reciting Shakespeare!


So, where is Brian? Yet, even though British accent is better than American accent, Americans do have things we envy them for, check it out!

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