Top 10 stuff you can sell and you did not know about it. Money is good!

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You’re looking at making some extra bucks easily? Here’s a top 10 of stuff you can sell and you did not know about it!

1. Empty boxes

Yeah, because people know very well that if they want to sell their collection stuff or their more expensive tech devices, they’ll need to get some boxes back. So, you can easily get 10 bucks for an empty iPhone box and more when you talk about boxes of Star Wars collectibles, for example.

2. Products withdrawn from sale

Mentos with a strange taste which had only 3 months of exploitation? Cosmetics removed from sale? I promise you that it will interest someone provided that it is not expired. Hurry up on list it on eBay, buddy!

3. Empty toilet paper rolls

100 rolls of toilet paper can sell up to 12 or 13 bucks on eBay. Do not ask me who buys it, but it’s probably about people making cardboard stuff.

4. Empty perfume bottles

Because if they are a little old and a little classy, they will attract the eyes of fans of Celine Dion who are planning a princely wedding. It is possible to sell empty bottles up to 10 times more expensive than their original cost.

5. Electronic stuff gone out of fashion

Do you have a walkman? You can make money. A VHS player? You can make money. And above all, you have a ghetto blaster? You can shoot up to 350 bucks. Because the 80s hype is present and the current generations are just waiting to have old things like this which seem really cool.

6. Vintage toys

Children’s toys serve as a blanket, and rich adults sometimes have a terrible need for a blanket. They are therefore ready to pay hundreds for rotten toys from the 80s or 90s only to reconnect with their childhood time through a compulsive purchase. For example, if you have “Monsters in my pocket”, I’m interested.

7. Your hair

The website really exists. And guess what? It’s legal!

8. Clovers with 4 leaves

The current price of 4 leaf clover is about 5 bucks on eBay. Not enough to get rich, but it’s still taken.

9. Banknotes

A ticket is not necessarily worth its nominal value. Some collectors are willing to pay a high price for a rare banknote from a country little visited or a banknote that seems quite normal but whose serial number is special. Small serial numbers or those with many times the same number can be worth up to 15, 20 or 100 times their nominal value.

10. Big pieces of dead wood

When you want to make sets for the theater or do landscaping in your garden (among others), you need beautiful pieces of dead wood. Large pieces of wood with beautiful shapes can yield up to 85 bucks (you still have to figure out a way of shipping it).

We hope you finished reading this post and didn’t stop before the end to go look into your attic for forgotten stuff, otherwise you may go back and forth!

And by the way, if you often travel, then consider not doing these things!