Top 10 things that flight attendants would like you to stop doing during flights

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The flight attendants and their male counterparts are fragile beings, exposed daily to the savagery of ever more exasperating passengers. If we were them, we would have probably given up a long time ago!

1. Spread your legs on the seat in front of you

First, it’s forbidden for safety reasons. Second, it’s not very hygienic. Third, you’re not in your living room! In addition, it forces the flight attendants to talk to you as if you were a bad kid. Even your parents have never dared to talk to you like that!

2. Consider the plane as a playground

Kids are sometimes turbulent, especially in a plane. But that’s no reason to let them play in the aisles as if they were a sandbox. In addition to being disgusting given the number of people passing by, it requires the crew to play nannies, reminding parents that in case of turbulence, their kid risks turning into a custard glued to the ceiling of the cabin.

3. To think that we can have a picnic during the flight

Just because you have the right to bring your food on board does not mean that you can organise a bbq. It is more and more often that passengers embark with hearty meals, very fat, which in addition to embalming the entire aircraft, regularly leave ugly stains on the seat as a souvenir. And we are not talking about travelers who ask the flight crew to wash their tupperware…

4. Think of hostesses as private cleaning ladies

On average, a stewardess or steward must take care of about 50 passengers on each flight. Impossible under these conditions to answer to all requests. Especially when we talk to them as if they were stooges. And contrary to what one might imagine, it is not the business class passengers, the most disrespectful. Those of low-cost flights would sometimes be even more annoying.

5. Set yourself a little too comfortable

During long-haul flights, it is advisable to set yourself at ease, but some passengers sometimes take it a little too serious…

6. Try at all costs to get your suitcase into the boot

And never mind if it overflows a little, or if you have to clear one or two bags of other passengers to slip yours. As for the stewardess who asks you to pack your luggage a little further, she can keep talking, there is no way you loose sight on your precious item.

7. Voluntarily trash the toilets

One could think that the toilets of an airplane are preserved from the dirty habits of some who can not help but leave a dirty trace of their passage on the throne. Yet, just listen to the crew, to find that the toilets of the plane are not spared. These would be regularly victims of acts of voluntary degradation, not to mention a serious lack of hygiene. And inevitably, it is the hostesses and stewards who are on the front line to face the reproaches of other passengers, and have to clean if necessary.

8. Hitting heavily on the stewardess

The stewardess’s fantasy is stubborn, but the fantasy is to stay one. No need to want to achieve it at any cost. Also apparently works more and more often with stewards.


9. Insist on taking a look at the cockpit

Some companies forbid it. Others accept in some cases, for example for children, or passengers too stressed. In all cases, the flight attendants merely apply the instructions given to them. No need to insist, unless you want to risk becoming suspicious.


10. Believe that no one sees you jirking under your blanket

Whether you are alone or helped by your seat-neighbour, stop thinking that no one knows what you are doing. Everyone can see it, until the end of the aisle, not to mention these suspicious movements that you clumsily try to hide. And above all, be nice: avoid putting it everywhere. At worst, go to the bathroom alone or accompanied.


So please, if you travel a lot (or not), just respect other people around you, specially flight attendants and avoid these poor practices. Otherwise you might end up on our next edition of this post! If you fall under one of the above categories, then consider traveling alone, on a boat, like Guirec and Monique did!

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