Top 15 pictures of tall people who make everyone seem little

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The best attraction in the world is to take a picture with tall people. We immediately have the impression of having an extraordinary result, as if it had been photoshoped, so it’s weird to see that two humans can be so different. You do not see what I’m talking about? Do you feel like I’m drunk so much my speech is confused? So look at these pictures and we’ll talk again.

1. A marriage, two families. We can see that the genes are not the same.

2. Something tells me he’s not going to take just one menu

3. Well, Vern Troyer is anyway very small

4. Good cop, bad cop

5. So, is he tall or not?

6. “My girlfriend of 1m82 and her minions”

7. Thor Bjornsson, aka The Mountain and his girlfriend

8. Again the two lovers

9. 5 is enough for a basketball team

10. Look at the last row

11. He has to bend down to go through the door

12. They are beautiful

13. She is 2m13, which is a little more than the average

14. The only good way to hug

15. On the left photo, he is giant, but on the right one he is very small. Magical.

How are you doing up there tall people?! I wonder if these people eat something special or were just born with special genes. Maybe they eat some of these meals.

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