Unrecognizable stars after surgery

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Cosmetic surgery, when used wisely, can be almost invisible and embellish a person who is complexed by the shape or size of part of their body type. The problem with being a star, making a lot of money and having an image to maintain, is the abuse of surgery. Puffy and frozen face, ultra-swollen lips, discover the top 10 unrecognizable stars after one (or more) cosmetic surgery sessions.

Amanda Lepore

Amanda Lepore is an American ex-model and singer. The star started her first cosmetic surgery session at the age of 15! We can understand the damage today…

Emmanuelle Béart

The pretty French actress shouldn’t have succumbed to the call of the scalpel… Her lips now look more like a duckbill than a human mouth. But why do this to yourself?

Céline Dion

Canadian singer Celine Dion is one of the few stars to have beautified herself thanks to cosmetic surgery, which has worked well for her! Just measure up and don’t fall off excess collagen…

Rose McGowan

The Charmed actress had nothing to hide though… What a waste!

Donatella Versace

Italian stylist Donatella Francesca, sister of fashion designer Gianni Versace, was not dead hand on the knife… Too bad!

Janice Dickinson

You may not know Janice Dickinson, American supermodel, actress and photographer in her spare time. Finally, if you had known her young, you would have a hard time finding the familiar face anyway…

Meg Ryan

The iconic Meg Ryan couldn’t resist the call of the knife, either. We still classify her among the stars less damaged by cosmetic surgery.

Lindsay Lohan

The young American actress had everything going for her. Until she turned alcoholic, bulimic and depressed. It deserves a little comfort under the knife.

Joan Rivers

Joan Alexandra Molinsky, her stage name Joan Rivers, is terrifying! The famous American TV host and producer of The Tonight Show has given herself a particularly frightening facelift! Michael Jackson, get out of this body…

Mickey Rourke

Plastic surgery can do damage, consume in moderation. The proof with this before after striking of the American comedian Mickey Rourke.

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