What will the city of tomorrow look like?

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City of tomorrow and capitals imagined by renowned architects around the world, which offer us a hell of a breath of fresh air!

The city of the future has always fueled science fiction scenarios, from Minority Report to the Fifth Element, including Back to the Future or The Island. From New York to Tokyo, from Paris to Rio, futuristic architectural projects are emerging, with the aim of developing more functional, ecological and sustainable urbanizations. So, what will our capitals look like in 2050? Here is a panorama of architectures of the future.

Paris, France

A green Paris, such is the architectural concept of Belgian Vincent Callebaut. He offers its grumpy inhabitants to breathe a little while reconnecting with nature. Aerial North Station, greener Montparnasse Tower or bioclimatic mountains integrating renewable energies on the roofs. Paris will wake up in a whole new mood!

New-York, United States

A 600-meter-high skyscraper in the shape of a glass dragonfly or a vegetal windsurf board, of your choice, which would invest the docks of the East River, south of Roosevelt Island. Such is the futuristic architecture imagined by Vincent Callebaut , which would host livestock farms, orchards, rice fields and meadows where cows who do not have vertigo grazeā€¦

Shenzhen, Chine

Another type of vegetable farm in Shenzhen shaped like glass pebbles. Once again out of the fertile imagination of this same Vincent Callebaut. This is said to house orchards and fields of organic farming.

Londres, Royaume-Uni

Like a life-size amusement park, the capital of the Perfidious Albion takes on a festive air. Ecological villages floating on the Thames, buildings and vertical farms. Designed in the shape of a lotus, a symbol of peace and serenity, London will definitely be more zen.

Rome, Italy

Sometimes the future is good. But that doesn’t mean forgetting the past. If Rome admits to being connected, will it not lose its original charm? We let you judge with these ultramodern architectures, made of twisted vegetable farms and renewed neighborhoods. Once again, it is to the Belgian Vincent Callebaut that we owe these impressive architectures dripping with greenery. The architect expressed the wish to transform a military district of Rome into a City of Sciences, a true self-sufficient urban ecosystem.

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