Wonderful sunset around the globe part 2

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A brief overview of wonderful sunset across the world. Sunsets, each more beautiful than the other!

Greece, France, Asia or the United States, the sun does not set at the same time everywhere. A few photographers in love with Helianthus have waited patiently, in the four corners of the globe, for him to disappear into the arms of Morpheus.

The day is fading in Meteora, Greece

The famous rocks of Meteora fall in a soft light.

Surf at sunset, the foot!

A session like this, any passionate surfer would dream of it!

Country landscape at dusk

The English (and French) countryside also has beautiful skies once the day is over.

A dreamlike air is already blowing on the peaks

This summer mountain panorama gives a little taste of paradise…

When the elements become perfectly clear

A photo of extreme softness, which makes us want to take the plunge just to move this sea of ​​perfect oil!

Balloon parade at evening sunrise, Turkey

A veritable procession of hot air balloons winding through the snow-capped Cappadocia valley.

Paradise beach soon in the arms of Morpheus

This tropical beach, certainly located on an island paradise, offers incredible skies!

Sunset over the Grand Canal, Venice, Italy

Oil sea at nightfall.

Pebble river Isonzo, halfway between Slovenia and Italy

The Isonzo (or Soca in Slovenian) is a river that runs through western Slovenia and north-eastern Italy. At sunset, it is even more magnified!

Windmill bathed in light in Denmark

The windmills typical of the Nordic countries are suffused with golden light as the sun sets.

Glowing Atlantic coast

We could see each other there, on one of these rocks in this wonderful panorama straight out of an island in Brittany!

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