Work less but gain efficiency!

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Work less but gain efficiency? It is not impossible with Tim Ferriss, this young business executive. Also a professor at Princeton, writer in his spare time. Who holds the record for tango rotations, or even sanda gold medalist in the light weight category!

A hands-on man who wants to enjoy his free time as much as possible. As we all. See if you can apply these tips to gain efficiency without cutting too much.

Use a stopwatch

It’s silly, but just knowing that a task is timed, you move faster. Try a little to see. Set a time limit for each of your tasks, you will see. You will want to make it, for the taste of the challenge!

However, this should not be a source of stress, keep this technique for the most important tasks.

Reduce your working time by eliminating tasks that bring nothing

Therefore, you work less, but more efficiently, everything lies in it! List each of the tasks you have timed, and calculate their profitability if you can. You will surely identify actions that weigh on your productivity…

Never mix work and private life

Cut down on all the tasks of the day, without exception, even if you have an offbeat lunch.

Wouldn’t you like to be one of those people who frantically checks their emails every five minutes at a restaurant or rots on weekends?

When you turn off your computer, you will feel accomplished, free and relaxed.

Reject complexity

Nothing should make your task more difficult, whether it’s organizing your files, your work management system, your software or the methods you follow, not even organizing the room in which you work! Simplify your tools if they are not simple.

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